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Have you got a special occasion coming up? Do you need a caterer, but don’t know where to start? Then you’re in the right place…Bid for my Catering is a revolutionary new online catering website that takes all the hassle out of finding a perfect caterer for your special occasion. Food is an international affair and we cater for all tastes and cuisines from across the globe direct to you and this includes specific dietary requirements.

Here at Bid for my catering we believe that choosing a company to cater your special event from your wedding to your corporate function should be easy and hassle free. Bid for my catering is designed with you in mind. So with just a few simple clicks you can find your perfect catering service.

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Bid for my catering isn’t fussy and it doesn’t take up bags of your time. All you have to do is fill out our quick and easy enquiry form just once and we will match your details and specifications against our vast database of trusted and experienced caterers from your area. Then the caterers will bid for your business, therefore ensuring you get the best price available.

You don’t have to do any chasing or ringing around. Let the caterers come to you. Easy! All you have to do is decide which caterer suits you best factoring in their feedback, price, and quality of communication. It’s up to you – after all you know what you need and more importantly what you like to eat!

Catering is a busy and crowded marketplace – therefore we make sure that you only receive the most competitive quotes out there and of course the best customer service.

Happy Bidding!

Strong Network of Caterers
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Sensitive to Religious Needs

Asian Wedding Caterers

Asian Wedding CaterersIf you have ever organised a wedding or other special event, you know that finding the right caterer who can provide the service that you need is often difficult. At Bid for my Catering, we can help to take the confusion and frustration out of the caterer selection process while at the same time finding you the absolute best caterer for your specific requirements. All you need to do is go to our website,, and fill in your requirements for whatever event or party you are planning. There is no charge to you for this service. We maintain a strong network of caterers and keep a large database of each of their specialities. We can provide support for different kinds of caterers that will certainly meet your special needs. So whether you are looking for someone who is experienced in Pakistani catering or any other cultural or religion based catering company, you will likely find what you are looking for at Bid for my Catering. Our service provides a channel for you to get a quote without a lot of searching and phone calling. It also ensures that the quote you get will be competitive and will be from a caterer that is a reliable and trusted partner of Bid for my Catering. So if you are in charge of planning for a corporate event, an Anniversary, Wedding or any other special event, save yourself some time, money, and anxiety and try out our website and services for free.

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Indian Food Catering LondonFor those of you who have ever been assigned the responsibility of finding a caterer for a specific event that required special or unique catering experience or equipment, you know how hard it is to find the right caterer at a reasonable price. At Bid for my Catering, we are experienced in finding those special catering services that are in demand from many of our growing list of clients and satisfied customers. For instance, we know that Indian catering equipment is unique and not every caterer is going to have the experience and tools to put on a successful food event for an Indian group. We maintain a list of qualified and competent caterers and we make it a point to know each caterer’s specialities and to know what their history of customer satisfaction has been. When you select a caterer on your own, you often times will have nothing to base your decision on except their price to you and possibly some word of mouth information you have gotten second handed. Bid for my Catering takes the guesswork out of selecting a caterer that will understand your specific requirements as well as providing you a competitive and fair price. We have working relationships with caterers who have experience serving Chinese, Mexican, European as well as Thai and Lebanese and many more types of food. Not only are our caterer partners from a broad range of culinary backgrounds, but they are also well known in their industry for providing a value priced service along with a good record of customer satisfaction.

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Indian Food CateringFor some, the thought of finding a good caterer that understands religious or culturally based food serving requirements is so challenging that many people often take on the extra burden of preparing the food for a large event by themselves. At Bid for my Catering, we can help you find the right caterer to meet your special needs and we will help you to secure a catering service that will charge a fair price for good service. You won’t pay any more or extra for our service as we make our money from the network catering partners who are part of our database. When you use our service our website will ask you a series of questions regarding the size and cultural profile of the group that will be attending you event. We will then ask about your preferences regarding food, price and timing of the event. We then go to work to select the best choices in catering services that will closely follow and understand your needs and expectations. For instance, if you are in need of someone who is experienced in Halal catering, we can find you caterers that are sensitive to your religious needs in food as well as being qualified to source, prepare, and serve Halal food to your clients, friends, or relatives. So if you need a caterer, save yourself a lot of time phoning around and looking for the right service. Let Bid for my Catering do the sourcing work for you. You and your guests will be glad you did.